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Thank you so much for your interest in my commissions! I am excited to share my craft and create something really special for you. Before submitting your commission request please take a look at the following guidelines. 


  • I have the right to turn down your request if it does not meet the scope of my work. I will not create portraits. 

  • Once your request gets approved, I will come up with a design and send it via email. Further communication might be conducted through Signal.


  • Once we reach an agreement, you will receive an invoice via email. I will only start your commission once I receive the full payment.

  • You will not receive a full refund once I begin your commission.


  • I understand things happen, so if at some point you need to cancel the commission a discussion will be had on if the piece can be 40% refunded based on the state of progress.


The prices listed are not final, they are to give an idea of how much a piece would cost. Sewing a canvas takes a lot of time! Therefore designs with more intricate details will cost more. 

Once you have agreed to the terms below, you will continue with the actual commission request.

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